We are known woodcraft artist of Bihar, a state in India. We are participant of exhibitions and seller of Indian Wooden Handicrafts, Wooden Art & Crafts, high quality Wood Work and Wooden Items. We used to work only for some specific demands and participate in exhibitions organised at district, state and country level. This art is descended by three generations and we started commercially in 1999.

In 1999, we started "Champaran Art & craft" to cater our services to world with our unique wood craft skill. We exhibit our work in exhibitions and sell the item throughout country and outside country.

We strongly believe in customer centric approach and make the wooden items as per customer's specification. Most of our items are based on modern art and says something in itself. All wooden crafts are made up of hight quality of material and wood like Tick, Mahogany, Sandal, Sheesham and Kaima.

Kamdhenu & Kalpavriksha

Survivor (Jijivisha)

Thinking Lady


Waiting Lady